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Project Description 项目描述
The project provides an opensource managed wrapper for SDK of Meizu cell phones, currently for M8. With the help of this library, applications for Meizu cell phones can be developed with .NET languages such as C# and VB.NET.
本开源项目提供了对魅族手机(目前为M8)开发包的托管封装。利用它可以使用C# VB等.NET语言进行开发。

The following projects are powered by this library:
在哪 (开源项目)

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Screenshots can be found here

Project Status 项目状态
The project is currently under development. Basic support for the following features are ready:
  • Platform API
    • Gravity Sensor
    • Send SMS Message
    • Make Phone Call
    • MultiTouch
    • IMEI and Device Serial Number
    • Networking status and GPRS management
    • Backlight, Motor, WLAN Control
    • INI File Access
    • ShellNotifyMsg
  • COM
    • Camera Control
  • OpenGLES
Please feel free to open/vote feature requests and bugs in the issue tracker.
如有任何建议及Bug报告,请使用Issue Tracker或Discussion反映给我们。
MzFC 与 Managed Meizu SDK控件关系
 MzMessageBoxV2 MessageBox 
 MzWndEx  Form
 UiButton, with styles including switch etc  Button、Switch、GradientButton
 UiSingleLineEdit  TextBox
 UiToolBarPro  ToolBar
 UiToolbar_Icon  IconToolBar(部分支持)
 UiList  ListBox
 UiStatic  Label
 UiPicture2  PictureBox
 PopupMenu  PopupMenu
 MzPopupProgress  PopupProgress
 MzSetDaily  SetDailyDialog
 MzPopupWaitDialog  PopupWaitDialog
 UiButtonBar  ButtonBar
 UiEdit  MultilineTextBox
 MzGridMenu  GridMenu
 UiScrollWin  ScrollableControl
 UiStatusBar  TrackBar
 UiAlphabetBar  AlphabetBar
 UiHeadingBar  HeadingBar
 UiProgressBar  ProgressBar
   MapView (new)

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